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If you’re considering remodeling your Troy home, you want to work with a skilled, experienced, and professional company you can trust. Sutton Construction Inc. is that company. Based in Troy, we have been specializing in bathroom and kitchen renovations since 1991 and we take tremendous pride in providing “A superior service for a fair price”.

Utilizing a design / build strategy and industry leading innovations in presentation, communication, service, and overall quality, Sutton Construction Inc. is taking remodeling to a higher level of customer satisfaction. We’ve had the privilege of working with clients in Troy throughout the years and we have enjoyed the opportunity to reveal our image of excellence and outstanding service to each of them.

Troy is one of the best cities to live in Michigan and also one of the safest in the nation.  It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the state.  Families and businesses prosper in a place that offers world class shopping and dining, 900 acres of parklands, two golf courses and a variety of lakes and streams. As a resident of Troy, you deserve only the very best in home renovation services. Sutton Construction Inc. is here to provide that to you. To learn more about the area, please visit the City of Troy website.

The picture above features a bathroom remodeling project we completed for one of your neighbors. We removed an outdated bathtub and installed a beautiful standalone shower complete with a 1-piece cast shower pan and euro style sliding shower doors. The enlarged vanity provides more storage for previous countertop items and stylish wall sconces added some ambience to this new space.

Shown in the picture below is one of Sutton Construction Inc. signature trademarks. We offset the shower valve towards the curb side of the shower. This eliminates the showerhead hose from getting tangled up around the shower valve handle while it also keeps the initial burst of cold water off our clients when they turn on the shower. While these modifications are minor, we feel they show our superior attention to detail and our ongoing desire to improve the experience our clients have once their project is completed.

Shower in Troy Bathroom Remodel

We know that remodeling your home can be a tremendous undertaking and this is why we work diligently to create a process to ensure this endeavor is as smooth as possible. Bring your desires to fruition and contact Sutton Construction Inc. to schedule a consultation. We look forward to providing our stellar service to you while demonstrating why so many of our clients trust us with their bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.

Troy Client Reviews:

Dan B.

Troy, MI

We hired Sutton Construction Inc. to rehab two 50’s era bathrooms.  The work was perfect and we loved the finished product.  Both bathrooms had to be completely gutted and reworked.  Work included electric, plumbing and finishing work.  Sewer connections had to be rerouted and was all done seamlessly.   Work was done to budget and in the time allowed for the work.

I gladly recommend Rick Sutton for your remodeling needs.

Pamela K.

Troy, MI

We’ve been hiring Rick and Sutton Construction Inc. for our home improvement projects since 2004. He has done 2 bathroom remodels for us, in addition to numerous other jobs over the past 14 years. We’ve dealt with a lot of different contractors over the years, and in addition to the high quality work that Rick does, few of our other contractors have come nearly as close to being as honest, professional, meticulous, detailed, friendly, patient and customer-service oriented as Rick. Unfortunately, there are very few people like him, so he’s in high-demand, but he’s totally worth the wait. (I made the mistake once of hiring someone else because Rick wouldn’t be available for a few months. It was the costliest and most stressful mistake ever, and in the end Rick ended up finishing the job anyway.)

The bigger the project, the more I wouldn’t consider using anyone else, because there are SO many variables and details on a big project. He keeps notes like no one’s business. With most contractors, you can tell them you want something, but if they forget to put it in the contract and you fail to notice, too bad for you. I don’t think Rick has ever forgotten any detail I’ve wanted, but if he did, I am certain he would make it right.

Rick is exceedingly patient. Sometimes you change your mind or think of other variables in the middle of a big project, and sometimes there can be a bit of a domino effect, where one change necessitates a few other changes. Rick is always very patient in these situations. He will talk through the variables with you and be understanding and patient. It is the utmost importance to him that you are 100% happy with the finished project. You would think this would be the case for any contractor, especially if you are paying them for any changes or delays, but some contractors are less professional and feel free to show impatience and irritation. 

One thing I especially appreciate about Rick is that whenever there’s any situation where we might have a preference, he makes sure to ask rather than assuming it’s not a big deal and doing it however he wants. For instance, he installed a 4-gang light switch panel for us and asked if we had a preference for which switch controlled which light. While putting up a ceiling fan, he tracked me down to explain the obstacle of putting it dead center. Then he asked if I had a preference for taking it a few inches left or right of center. He also said if I really wanted it dead center he could do it, but it would cost $X more and explained why (a ceiling joist was in the way).

The following story probably paints the clearest picture of what you get when you hire Rick. The first job I hired Rick to do involved some dry walling. He had someone else working with him and it was supposed to be the final day of the job, and the day I paid them. Unbeknownst to them, I overheard their conversation from another area of the house. In essence, Rick didn’t feel the drywall job was quite up to par, and the other guy thought it was good enough and really needed to be paid that day. Rick ended up coming to me and saying that they needed to come back the next day and put an extra coat of mud on the wall. After they left, I took a look at the drywall out of curiosity, and I would have accepted the “good enough” job without knowing it could have or should have been better. In fact, some years later a painter who had once worked with Rick was giving us a quote on some painting. He looked at the drywall patch job and asked if it had been repaired by Rick. I said yes and asked how he knew and he said something along the lines of rarely seeing anyone else do as good of a job on drywall repairs.

With many contractors, once the ink is dry on your check, good luck getting them to come back if there’s a problem with their work. I can think of a time or two when I noticed an issue with something long after the job was complete, and one call or text to Rick is all it takes for him to schedule a time to come back and address the issue. He is always very responsive and fair.

I believe you could not do better than Sutton Construction Inc. I recommend them without reservation.

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