We are thankful to all of our happy clients for their kind words and believe they are a true measure of our success. We strive for a beautiful, lasting, and pleasing result in every project we undertake.

Dan B.

Troy, MI

We hired Sutton Construction Inc. to rehab two 50’s era bathrooms.  The work was perfect and we loved the finished product.  Both bathrooms had to be completely gutted and reworked.  Work included electric, plumbing and finishing work.  Sewer connections had to be rerouted and was all done seamlessly.   Work was done to budget and in the time allowed for the work.

I gladly recommend Rick Sutton for your remodeling needs.

Pamela K.

Troy, MI

We’ve been hiring Rick and Sutton Construction Inc. for our home improvement projects since 2004. He has done 2 bathroom remodels for us, in addition to numerous other jobs over the past 14 years. We’ve dealt with a lot of different contractors over the years, and in addition to the high quality work that Rick does, few of our other contractors have come nearly as close to being as honest, professional, meticulous, detailed, friendly, patient and customer-service oriented as Rick. Unfortunately, there are very few people like him, so he’s in high-demand, but he’s totally worth the wait. (I made the mistake once of hiring someone else because Rick wouldn’t be available for a few months. It was the costliest and most stressful mistake ever, and in the end Rick ended up finishing the job anyway.)

The bigger the project, the more I wouldn’t consider using anyone else, because there are SO many variables and details on a big project. He keeps notes like no one’s business. With most contractors, you can tell them you want something, but if they forget to put it in the contract and you fail to notice, too bad for you. I don’t think Rick has ever forgotten any detail I’ve wanted, but if he did, I am certain he would make it right.

Rick is exceedingly patient. Sometimes you change your mind or think of other variables in the middle of a big project, and sometimes there can be a bit of a domino effect, where one change necessitates a few other changes. Rick is always very patient in these situations. He will talk through the variables with you and be understanding and patient. It is the utmost importance to him that you are 100% happy with the finished project. You would think this would be the case for any contractor, especially if you are paying them for any changes or delays, but some contractors are less professional and feel free to show impatience and irritation. 

One thing I especially appreciate about Rick is that whenever there’s any situation where we might have a preference, he makes sure to ask rather than assuming it’s not a big deal and doing it however he wants. For instance, he installed a 4-gang light switch panel for us and asked if we had a preference for which switch controlled which light. While putting up a ceiling fan, he tracked me down to explain the obstacle of putting it dead center. Then he asked if I had a preference for taking it a few inches left or right of center. He also said if I really wanted it dead center he could do it, but it would cost $X more and explained why (a ceiling joist was in the way).

The following story probably paints the clearest picture of what you get when you hire Rick. The first job I hired Rick to do involved some dry walling. He had someone else working with him and it was supposed to be the final day of the job, and the day I paid them. Unbeknownst to them, I overheard their conversation from another area of the house. In essence, Rick didn’t feel the drywall job was quite up to par, and the other guy thought it was good enough and really needed to be paid that day. Rick ended up coming to me and saying that they needed to come back the next day and put an extra coat of mud on the wall. After they left, I took a look at the drywall out of curiosity, and I would have accepted the “good enough” job without knowing it could have or should have been better. In fact, some years later a painter who had once worked with Rick was giving us a quote on some painting. He looked at the drywall patch job and asked if it had been repaired by Rick. I said yes and asked how he knew and he said something along the lines of rarely seeing anyone else do as good of a job on drywall repairs.

With many contractors, once the ink is dry on your check, good luck getting them to come back if there’s a problem with their work. I can think of a time or two when I noticed an issue with something long after the job was complete, and one call or text to Rick is all it takes for him to schedule a time to come back and address the issue. He is always very responsive and fair.

I believe you could not do better than Sutton Construction Inc. I recommend them without reservation.

Linda S.

Rick Sutton and team are a delight to work with. My new kitchen from the studs out was perfectly built to my specifications. Highly recommend this team!

Jennifer B.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Rick Sutton, of Sutton Construction Inc., is amazing. He is patient, considerate, detail oriented, forward thinking, and timely. He remodeled all three of our bathrooms in 2016, and did a fantastic job.

Update October, 2018 – Rick continues to rock! Two years after our bathrooms were remodeled, he came out to address a concern that had developed with the master bathroom vent fan. He made a slight adjustment, which took care of it free of charge!!! True dedication to a job well done!

Marianne W.

Birmingham, MI

Rick installed a porch screen for us. We were very pleased with his work.


Beverly Hills, MI

Sutton Construction has completed fabulous work in my home with the total remodeling of 2 full bathrooms and 1 powder room.  Over the last several years Mr. Sutton has responded to numerous requests for essential updates and repairs in our home. He is responsive, creative, efficient, and trustworthy.

Sally E.

Rochester Hills, MI

Rick Sutton was recommended to us by a neighbor for whom he had done numerous projects.  Our project was replacement of a shower control.  We considered trying to do it ourselves, but were warned against it by a hardware store employee because our house is 60 years old and still had its original plumbing.  Rick gave us an estimate and a time frame to finish the job and emailed several recommendations for style and price that fit within our budget.  He showed up on time, got to work and finished a little later than anticipated as there was a surprise or two behind the shower walls.  We now have a shower that works better than before and looks wonderful!  On the whole, working with Rick was a great experience.  We found him to be punctual, courteous, very knowledgeable and willing to take time to explain how the project would be completed.   It was a small job, but Rick did not treat it as small.  We highly recommend Rick Sutton as someone you can trust to do a perfect job!

Gail P.

Rochester Hills, MI

I have worked with Rick Sutton of Sutton Construction Inc for 10+ years now on a variety of projects to further beautify our home. Our most recent project that Sutton Construction Inc completed for us was our upstairs main bathroom and we are very pleased with the outcome!  We went with a “Beach” theme and it turned out great after gutting the bathroom completely.  Our floor even had to be leveled since it was going down hill towards the tub… many things were installed with great precision, even my idea for our two bathroom mirrors was brought to life and they were custom made by Rick. He has many ideas and resources to come up with a design that suits you, but he will also work with you if you already have ideas of your own! I highly recommend Rick and his crew. They will create a beautiful space with their quality craftsmanship, all while being easy to work with due to their friendly personalities.

Cathy W.

Rochester Hills, MI

We have had the pleasure of working with Rick for many years. He has remodeled two bathrooms, our family room and kitchen flooring, our family room fireplace and has repaired drywall in several areas. I interviewed several contractors before deciding to hire Sutton Construction Inc.

We are so pleased we hired Rick, as he is honest, hard-working and does excellent work. Unlike many contractors, he shows up on time and always cleans up at the end of the day. Although the quote for work may not be the lowest-priced, it’s the old adage “you get what you pay for” … when it comes to your home it’s not worth going by price alone.

We have referred Rick to many of our neighbors and everyone has been very pleased with his work. I highly recommend Sutton Construction Inc for any home remodeling and in particular, any kitchen and bathroom renovations.


Ann Arbor, MI

Only one word comes to mind when I think of Rick Sutton/Sutton Construction Inc……”EXCELLENT”.  
Rick came to me highly recommended by my good neighbor whose judgment I completely trusted.  I asked Rick to do the remodeling of my 3 bathrooms and a half bath a few years ago……. and in every way he was excellent.  He did excellent work……meticulous, observant, detailed and with fine craftsmanship skills.  He was also an excellent communicator…….he kept me informed and updated frequently on the progress of his work/cost.  The project was done in timely manner and I was very satisfied with the result.
He was also excellent with “after care” services, I may add.  One of the shower guard strips which hung from the bottom of Euro Glass shower door started to get loose after a few years of use……I called Rick, he immediately replied with the instruction to call the manufacturer to send me a new strip, and he right away arranged for the shower people to come over and install it in my bathroom.  I can’t praise him highly enough.  

Andrea S.

Clarkston, MI

I can’t say enough good things about Sutton Construction Inc.  They are meticulous.  Every facet of the project is well thought out and explained in detail before you even get started.  They are prompt.  They arrive on time and complete the project on schedule.  They are neat and tidy.  They were very respectful of our home and living space during the project.  It was never messy and when they completed the project, they left it cleaner then when it began.  They helped us to stay within our budget.  They offered suggestions on ways we could save a few bucks here and there.  I know this review sounds too good to be true, but have them out for a quote and you’ll see.  We are going to have them back for a second bathroom and other future projects. 

Dan L.

Rochester Hills, MI

We did two smaller projects relating to bathrooms and kitchens, one in the rerouting of plumbing in order to install a free standing vanity sink in a bathroom and the other in installing a new gas line extension into the kitchen in order to change from an electric range to a gas range. In both cases, we were extremely pleased with the result. The work was meticulously completed, and great care was taken to ensure that the finished product would be just what we wanted. Prior to any work, a thorough discussion of the project both raised and answered all the major questions, both about what was possible and what was desirable. The work was finished punctually, and the clean-up was immaculate. We couldn’t be happier!

Sharon H.

Rick Sutton of Sutton Construction Inc. is the best person and company I have ever hired to fix or remodel anything in my home. He originally remodeled my bathroom and since has done several plumbing and electrical projects on my home. Rick is also a fabulous finish carpenter. He has worked on the inside and outside of my house and has always done a perfect job. His price is always very reasonable and I trust him implicitly. I would recommend Rick and Sutton Construction Inc to any homeowner who needs help.

Jeff J.

Rochester Hills, MI

Our favorite project! Rick listened to all of our ideas and what was important to us when it came to our kitchen. Not only did he over deliver on the aspects of the kitchen that we had a clear vision for, he came up with creative ideas for aspects of the remodel that we couldn’t have come up with on our own. Sutton Construction Inc. dedicates the utmost quality and care to every single detail of a project. Their remodel of our kitchen has made the kitchen our favorite room in the entire house!

Jason D.

Sutton Construction Inc. is the best! My wife and I hired them for a major bathroom remodel that even included moving some walls. Rick’s honesty, professionalism, and expertise are just at such a higher level than anyone else we’ve ever worked with. We’ve recommended Sutton Construction Inc. to family and friends and they all had great things to say, too. Extraordinary customer service and quality of workmanship!

Liz S.

Wixom, MI

We had a leak in our upstairs bathroom and had no idea what to do or who to call.  My friend recommended her husband since he has been in the construction business for almost 30 years and bathrooms are one of his specialties. We called Rick to come out and investigate the damage.  We advised him that were also working with our insurance company.  The insurance adjustor was very particular about what he wanted to see when he came out, and Rick expertly prepared the damage assessment for him.  The adjustor was very impressed, stating that Rick’s detailed assessment included information that he normally has to bring his personal tools to access the damage.  Based on our adjustor’s response to Rick’s estimate, we decided to hire Sutton Construction Inc.  We were confident in our decision as Sutton Construction Inc’s quote came back perfectly in line with the adjustor’s estimate.  Having been through a disaster of a home improvement in my youth, this was a very trying time for me.  Rick was patient with my nervousness about undertaking a major construction project.  He listened our concerns, thoroughly answered all of our questions, and assured us that our bathroom project would be perfect for us.

Rick was very involved in assisting us with the design process.  We were shown various options for the tile, grout, and finishes along with the pros and cons of each.  He made several visits to our home to walk through the plan and our design choices.  He provided us with a detailed cost break down including a schedule of all the work to be done and a payment schedule prior to beginning the project.  Surprisingly, there were no surprises.  Rick and his crew were very professional.  We expected it to be fairly uncomfortable having extra people in our home all day, every day, for a month.  It was not.  Everyone on Rick’s crew was amazing, patient with us as we asked questions, checked in frequently for updates, and patient with our children who had tons of questions about how things worked. 

Rick even took our dog outside if it was a day where no one else was home all day.  One day, during the course of the project, we had a pipe burst in our garage.  Rick and his crew fixed that – making it better than new. While they were fixing the pipe issue, he noticed an issue with our dryer vent system and repaired that as well.  We were on vacation for a week during the project and Rick was kind enough to send us text updates and pictures showing the progress while we were gone. 

We could not be happier with the completed project.  We already had Rick come back out for a minor lighting project and we are thrilled with those results as well.

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