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The kitchens of today are often the heart of the home. They are no longer used just as a place to prepare and cook meals, rather, kitchens are now used as a place where we bring family and friends together, entertain, relax, open a laptop, or even help the kids or grandkids with their homework.

At Sutton Construction Inc., we understand that your kitchen is unique to you and your family. We are a fully licensed and insured remodeling company that has been renovating kitchen’s in South East Michigan since 1991. Utilizing a design / build strategy and industry leading innovations in presentation, communication, service, and overall quality, Sutton Construction Inc. can help you take your existing kitchen and turn it into a more inviting, efficient, and livable central hub in your home.

Our goal at Sutton Construction Inc. is to identify your needs and wants and then work with you to create your dream kitchen. We ask a lot of questions and then we listen, listen, listen. Are you left or right handed? Is the main cook tall or short? Were there traffic problems with the old layout? Was the area dark and in need of more light? Do you need more storage or a more multi-functional space?

Why all this detail? It’s simple. You only get one opportunity to design your kitchen. We want to make sure it ends up being everything you want and more. Everything we do is planned, detailed, and organized so we can maximize our ability to get you the kitchen you desire while making your remodeling project a very smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your family.

In the photo shown above, the client wanted to completely update their kitchen into a more contemporary style while hoping to re-use their beautiful and recently installed Sandstone countertops. They wanted an overhanging countertop area where they could set some stools for casual dining or use a laptop. They wanted to upgrade their stove and add a high-powered, standalone cooking vent, more storage, new lighting for countertop food prep and night time ambiance, and the dishwasher moved directly to the right to the sink.

With their current layout, the dishwasher alteration required extending the sink wall length which in turn would require all new countertops. Once this cost was determined, it was obvious we had to find another solution in order to get them the kitchen they dreamed of while staying within their budget.

We worked with the client to help create a design that allowed them to get the changes they desired. In the picture that follows,

Kitchen Remodeling Micro Cabinet

you can see how we eliminated the original cabinets and a countertop on the right side of the refrigerator and inserted a stock oven cabinet in between the upper and lower cabinets. We cut a custom microwave and drawer opening in that oven cabinet so we could use the space over the stove for a new powerful standalone vent while providing them with an additional drawer for storage.

Most importantly, the following two photos

Kitchen Remodeling Sandstone Countertops

Kitchen Remodeling Bar Stools

show how we took the extra section of countertop we removed from the right of the refrigerator and fabricated it back into the existing countertop so they could move the dishwasher next to the sink and create the bar stool area without having to purchase all new countertops.

Once their kitchen was completed, the client wanted to extend their new contemporary kitchen look into their step down living room which extended directly off the kitchen. They wanted to completely rework the fireplace wall without having to redo their existing brick fireplace. They also wanted to bring in as many details from the kitchen as possible.

As you can see in the four pictures that follow, we took an outdated and rather empty canvas and created a breathtaking extension of the kitchen with a custom, built from scratch, wall to wall bookcase unit to tie the two rooms together.

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Before

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Prep

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Midpoint

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Final

Knowing the client wanted to bring as many details from the kitchen into this space as possible, we looked for ways to do that. In the last two photos below,

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Valance

Kitchen Remodeling Mantle - Crown

you will notice how we even utilized a leftover, defective, arched kitchen sink valance as the fireplace centerpiece while also matching the kitchen’s rope molding, door style, and crown molding in our final product.

Maybe you have a perfect house, but the kitchen is not all you want it to be? Maybe you have an older home with a less-functional kitchen? Maybe you need more storage, a better flow plan, or have simply decided you’d like to upgrade your existing space to match your unique style and personality.

Regardless of your desires, contact Sutton Construction Inc. to schedule a consultation. We can help you take your existing kitchen and turn it into a more inviting, efficient, and livable central hub in your home while also showing you why so many of our clients trust us with their kitchen remodeling renovations.

Client Reviews:

Linda S.

Rick Sutton and team are a delight to work with. My new kitchen from the studs out was perfectly built to my specifications. Highly recommend this team!

Cathy W.

Rochester Hills, MI

We have had the pleasure of working with Rick for many years. He has remodeled two bathrooms, our family room and kitchen flooring, our family room fireplace and has repaired drywall in several areas. I interviewed several contractors before deciding to hire Sutton Construction Inc.

We are so pleased we hired Rick, as he is honest, hard-working and does excellent work. Unlike many contractors, he shows up on time and always cleans up at the end of the day. Although the quote for work may not be the lowest-priced, it’s the old adage “you get what you pay for” … when it comes to your home it’s not worth going by price alone.

We have referred Rick to many of our neighbors and everyone has been very pleased with his work. I highly recommend Sutton Construction Inc for any home remodeling and in particular, any kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Dan L.

Rochester Hills, MI

We did two smaller projects relating to bathrooms and kitchens, one in the rerouting of plumbing in order to install a free standing vanity sink in a bathroom and the other in installing a new gas line extension into the kitchen in order to change from an electric range to a gas range. In both cases, we were extremely pleased with the result. The work was meticulously completed, and great care was taken to ensure that the finished product would be just what we wanted. Prior to any work, a thorough discussion of the project both raised and answered all the major questions, both about what was possible and what was desirable. The work was finished punctually, and the clean-up was immaculate. We couldn’t be happier!

Jeff J.

Rochester Hills, MI

Our favorite project! Rick listened to all of our ideas and what was important to us when it came to our kitchen. Not only did he over deliver on the aspects of the kitchen that we had a clear vision for, he came up with creative ideas for aspects of the remodel that we couldn’t have come up with on our own. Sutton Construction Inc. dedicates the utmost quality and care to every single detail of a project. Their remodel of our kitchen has made the kitchen our favorite room in the entire house!

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